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Product Design, Design Engineering, Cost Estimation, Graphic  Design, Custom Metal, Glass & Millwork Display

Leon47 Logo, Leon 47 | Desinger, Artist, Cost Estimator, Analyst, Construction, Manufacturing Estimation
Leon 47, Cost Estimator, Construction, Manufacturing, Design Engineer, Furniture Design, Product Designer, Estimation
Leon 47, Retail Display Designer, Furniture Design, Millwork, Architecturel Carperntry, Costum Metal Glass, Cost Estimator, Estimation
Leon 47, Designer, Visual  Graphic Design, Communication Designer,  Poster Design, Icon , Logo , Branding. Packaging , Installation Guide, Catalogue, Manual, Cost Estimation, Estimator
Leon 47, Visual  Graphic Designer, Logo Design, Branding, NMAC,  NORTHERN MANHATTAN ARTS AND CULTURE, Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, New York
All Over Print Shirt Design, Projected Portrait Drawing, Painting on Shirt, Long & Short Sleeve Shirt Design, T-Shirt, Designer, Fashion Design, Fashion Photo, Leon 47 Visual Artist, Designer
Leon 47 | R&D Design Engineer, Engineering, Cost Estimetor, Analyst, Estimation, Industrial SonoMechanics, ISM, Ultrasonic Liquid Homogenizer, Horn, Booster
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Leon 47 | Product Design Engineering, Retail  Merchandising Display | Graphic  Design, Brand, Packaging, Logo, Installation Guide, Catalogue, 3D Modeling | US East Coast, New York, Hartford, Boston
Cost Estimation in Construction & Manufacturing,  Architectural Carpentry, Custom Metal & Glass, Take-Off Calculation, Quantity Surveying, Cost Control, Cost Analysis, Risk Management, Product Design Engineering, Retail Merchandising Display, Visual  Graphic  Design, Branding, Packaging, Logo, Installation Guide, Catalogue, Sketching, Drawing, Painting, Mural, Decorative Painting, Clay Sculpture, 3D Modeling, Cost Estimator | New York, NY | Hartford, CT | Boston, MA | US East Coast | USA | XLVII
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