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Leon 47 | Cost Estimator, Cost Analyst, Construction, Manufacturing, Cost Estimation, Cost Analysis, Take off, Architectural Carpentry, Millwork, Metal, Glass | Design Engineering, Graphic Design, Sketch, Drawing, Painting | New York NY Hartford CT Boston MA  USA, Leon47 Logo
Leon47 | Cost Analyst, Estimator, Construction, Manufacturing, Quantity Take Off, Estimation, Architectural Carpentry, Millwork, Display, Metal, Glass, Interiors, Exterior, Curtain Wall, MEP, EPC, Project Management | New York, NY, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA | US East Coast, USA

Construction & Manufacturing
Cost Estimation (MEP included)

- Cost Analysis
- Cost Engineering
- Risk Management
- Quantity Surveying
- Take Off Calculation

Leon 47 | Designer, Engineer | Design Engineering, 3D Modeling, Rendering, CAD Design, Innovative Method of Construction, Production Shop Drawing, Technical Drawing, As Built | Creative, Creation, Innovation | New York, NY, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA | US East Coast , USA
Design Engineering
- 3D Modeling
- Rendering
- CAD Design
- Method of Construction
- Shop Drawing
- Production Drawing
Leon 47 | Designer, Product Design, Retail Display, Millwork, Extruded Aluminum, Furniture, Lamp | New York, NY, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA | US East Coast, USA
Product Design
- Retail Display Design
- Furniture Design
- Lamp Design
- Extruded Aluminum Design
Leon47 | Designer | Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design, Installation Guide, Manual Design, Catalogue, Poster, Packaging​ | New York, NY, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA | US East Coast, USA
Graphic Design
- Branding
- Logo Design
- Installation Guide
- Manual & Catalogue
- Poster Design
- Packaging
Leon47 | Artist, Visual Artwork, Fine Art, Decorative Patinting, Murals, Sketch, Drawing, Painter, Sketching, Sculpture, 3D Modeling, Portrait, Figure | New York, NY, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA | US East Coast, USA
Decorative Painting
Leon47 | Photographer, Artist | Photography Service, Product Photography, Photo, Foto, Fotografia, Sculpture Photography, Architectural Photo, product photography, still life, Architecture, Landscape  | New York, NY, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA | US East Coast, USA
- Product
- Sculpture
- Architecture
- Landscape

New York, NY    Boston, MA    Hartford, CT    USA

Cost Estimation in Construction & Manufacturing | Cost Analysis | Risk Management |
Design Engineering | Product Design | Retail Display Design | CAD Design | Graphic Design | Branding | 
Drawing | Painting | Photography | Sculpture


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  • 14 years of experience in Cost Estimation, Project Management, Construction, and Civil Engineering

- Cost Estimating, Cost Analysis, Take-Off Calculation / Quantity Surveying: All Trades ( MEP included )

- Project Management: Cost Control, Time Management ( MSP, PRIMAVERA ), and Quality Management ( ISO 9001-2000 audit expert )

- Providing Method of Construction for Unique Projects

- CAD Design: Drafting, Shop Drawing, As-Built and Production Drawing


Types of Projects: residential / commercial complexes (skyscrapers up to 62 floors), a telecommunication tower ($5 billion), university dormitories and educational buildings, laboratory and offices in petrochemical / oil Industry, hotels, a hospital, an airport, an electrical power station, a museum, …


Types of Companies: general contractors (7yrs), consulting and project management companies (3yrs), subcontractors(4yrs)


Types of Positions: project manager (2yrs), cost estimator (8yrs), cost-time scheduler & controller (2yrs), site technician (2yrs)


  • 3 years of experience in Cost Analysis, Cost Engineering, and Pricing Methodology in Manufacturing (R&D Projects Included)

Extrusion, Forging, Casting, Stamping, Sheet Metal Blanking, Assembling, CNC Machinery, Waterjet Cutting, and Laser Cutting


  • 6 years of experience in Design

 - Product Design, Prototyping and Design Engineering; from concept to real product ( pharmaceutical applications included )

 - Merchandising / Retail Display Design (“ extruded aluminum design ” included, i.e. 80/20 Inc.)

 - Visual / Graphic Design: Branding, Packaging, Logo Design, Installation Guide, Catalogue, Manual Design, Poster Design


  • Visual Art experience ( in parallel )

- Sketching, Drawing, Painting ( specialty: oil on canvas ), Mural and Decorative Painting

- Sculpture and 3D Modeling ( different mediums and materials; specialty: clay )

- Photography ( product photography, still life, architecture, and landscape )


  • Design Engineering / CAD Design Skills

AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, 3ds Max, SolidWorks, Photoshop, KeyShot, Inventor, InDesign, Revit, Alias Design, Rhinoceros, Sketchup

  • Other

- Programming Skills, Coding and Database Knowledge: Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Python, Java

- Adobe Acrobat Pro, Bluebeam Software, On-Screen Takeoff Software

- MS Office: Word, Excel ( Advanced Functions and Formulas included ), Power Point, and Outlook

 - Carpentry, Antique Furniture Restoration, Welding, and Soldering

 - Familiarity with Construct Connect ( iSqFt ), PlanHub, Red Team and Microsoft SharePoint

Cost Estimation, Construction, Cost Engineering, Manufacturing, Design, Engineering,  Designer, Engineer, Estimator, Visual Artist | Painting | Hartford, New York, NY, Boston, MA | US East Coast | USA
Cost Estimation, Construction, Manufacturing,  Architectural Carpentry, Custom Metal Glass, Take Off Calculation, Quantity Surveying, Cost Control, Cost Analysis, Cost Engineering, Risk Management, Product Design Engineering, Retail Merchandising Display, Graphic Design, Branding, Packaging | Sketch, Drawing, Painting, Mural, Decorative Painting, Sculpture, 3D Modeling, Visual, Fine Art | New York, NY, Hartford, Boston, MA | US East Coast, USA, Leon 47, Estimator, Artist, Designer, Cost Engineer
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