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Quantity Take Offs, Cost Estimation, Architectural Carpentry, Metal Glass Interiors, Metal & Glass Exterior, Demountable Partitions, Take-offs, All Trades, Leon 47
Quantity Take-Off &
Cost Estimation:

- Architectural Carpentry
- Metal & Glass Interiors
- Metal & Glass Exterior
- Demountable Partitions
- Take-off for All Trades
Design Engineering, 3D Modeling, Rendering, CAD Design, Method of Construction, Shop Drawing, Production Drawing, Technical Drwing, As Built Drawing, Leon 47
Design Engineering:
- 3D Modeling
- Rendering
- CAD Design
- Method of Construction
- Shop Drawing
- Production Drawing
Product Design, Retail Display Design, Extruded Aluminum Design, Furniture Design, Lamp Design, Leon 47, Merchandising Display Design
Product Design:
- Retail Display Design
- Furniture Design
- Lamp Design
- Extruded Aluminum Design
Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design, Installation Guide, Manual Design, Catalogue Design, Poster Design, Packaging​ Design, Leon 47
Graphic Design:
- Branding
- Logo Design
- Installation Guide
- Manual & Catalogue
- Poster Design
- Packaging
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Photography Service, Product Photography, Photo, Photograph, Sculpture Photography Architectural Photography, Architect, Architecture, Leon 47
Product Photography

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