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Nov . 28th 2020 - Mar. 31th, 2021

Perspective of A Pandemic

Work _ Space Gallary

903 Main St
Manchester, CT


NEWS, 2020

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May - June, 2020

City of Santa Clara

Santa Clarita Arts

Art in Isolation


NEWS 2019

ZARA Lipstick

In 2018 ZARA Launched a lipstick collection. I was impressed by a portrait fashion photography that I saw in an advertisement and based on that photo I started a pencil drawing, pen drawings and then the process continued with a series of artwork, with different colors techniques.

As a second step, handmade work transferred to source files and also the main lines were converted to a vector file to create digital portraits.

In this evolution, artwork became more and more minimal. Attached images show how the transition is occurred.

Finally, that minimal digital portrait lines are multiplied and combined each other; based on graphic design principals, to create visual illusion.

As the last results, perceptible optical tricks provide dynamic portraits that look at viewers and breath like vivid faces.

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